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California attorney says Jackson’s will dispute is useless

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2012 | Estate Administration |

The brothers, sisters and father of legendary pop singer Michael Jackson were not named as heirs of their late brother’s estate and now the siblings have publicly, but not legally, challenged the validity of Jackson’s will. Many legal experts say the famous siblings’ argument would be futile in probate court.

Jackson’s brother, Randy, has been the most vocal. He claims the will Michael Jackson signed in Los Angeles a decade ago is false. The youngest Jackson says his brother was at an event in New York that day and could not have signed the legal document. Randy Jackson and his siblings want estate executors to resign.

The will excluded all of Michael Jackson’s family except his mother, Katherine Jackson, and the singer’s three children. The court also has possession of a previous will Jackson signed in 1997 that cut off his siblings from any inheritance.

Legal observers say the chance to wage a court battle over Michael Jackson’s will has expired. Even if the will were invalidated, the siblings would gain nothing financially. In any California court, Jackson’s children would take priority.

A Superior Court accepted the Jackson will in November 2009. Family members had four months to dispute it. Legal advisors say if the Jackson siblings had any argument at all; it would be that they were not notified of the court action in time to challenge it.

Jackson’s father made an appeal in court the year after his son’s death to receive a fraction of the estate. A California 2nd District Court of Appeals denied the request because Jackson’s father was never listed as an heir and because the request too late.

Jackson estate executors updated a probate judge on the late singer’s estate value. Jackson died $500 million in debt. Posthumous earnings of $475 million have allowed the estate to pay off most creditors and provide a lavish lifestyle for Jackson’s mother and children.

Executors recently approved a request by Jackson’s mother to increase her monthly estate allowance by $35,000.

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