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Why Amanda Bynes parents can’t seek California conservatorship

On Behalf of | May 17, 2013 | Conservatorship |

It could be difficult to find one person in California to disagree that ex-child star Amanda Bynes has been acting strangely. Trouble with Los Angeles police led to the young woman’s arrest last year on DUI and hit-and-run charges. Bynes has since fled the city for New York, where her unusual behavior continues to attract attention.

Observers might wonder why the former star’s relatives, manager or friends haven’t stepped in to help Bynes. After all, singer and former child star Britney Spears was placed under a conservatorship by a probate court. Why not Bynes?

Until a court recently granted 27-year-old Bynes access to her $8 million net worth, the ex-star’s wealth had been managed by her parents. A court might rule that Bynes is incapable of caring for herself and her finances as a judge once did about Britney Spears. The difference between the two former child stars is that Spears exhibited dangerous behavior while Bynes’ actions, at least so far, have been only bizarre.

Like Spears, Bynes shaved her head. Bynes also posted questionable tweets, videos and images online. Legal experts say the “retired” actress could have mental health problems.

None of these behaviors appears normal but, at the same time, the activities do not qualify Bynes for conservatorship. A probate court would consider conservatorship if it could be proven that Bynes was a danger to herself or someone else.

Spears was a mother of two at the time her conservatorship was approved. Bynes has no spouse or dependents. She has not reached the point where her parents could take legal action. Should Bynes ever become dangerous, concerned individuals could intervene.

Experts point out that Amanda Bynes’ off-the-wall conduct may get undue attention because of her one-time star status. Everyday people with the same strange symptoms might just be labeled peculiar, which does not meet standards for conservatorship in a California probate court.

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