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Struggle between Casey Kasem’s wife and children continues

On Behalf of | May 22, 2014 | Estate Administration |

The legal wrangling between Casey Kasem’s wife and Kasem’s children continues. Last week, a judge ordered an investigation in to Kasem’s whereabouts after his children had complained that he had been removed from the state of California without their knowledge. Kasem, who is best known for his long-running radio show detailing America’s top-40 songs, is 82 years old and suffers from Lewy body dementia, which results in a progressive decline in mental abilities.

Over the course of the last year, the litigation over his care, and the children’s ability to spend time with him, have been hotly contested issues. Specifically, the children have expressed concern about not being included in decisions about his care, and they have complained that they have gone long periods of time without being able to see him.

The problems are emblematic of family struggles when a family matriarch (or patriarch) becomes ill and adult children bicker over what to do. Some people draw up healthcare directives or living wills to avoid this problem. Through these documents, a person can designate a representative (or proxy) to communicate with medical personnel and make sure that the person’s wishes are carried out in the event they cannot communicate.

In the meantime, Kasem was found safe in Washington state. He reportedly was on vacation with his wife, Jean. He also is said to have known where he was and went on vacation willingly. Kasey’s daughter, Kerri expressed relief and gratitude towards authorities.  Nevertheless, it is expected that the legal disputes between Jean and the children will continue.

Source: ABC News.com “Casey Kasem found safe in Washington,” May 15, 2014