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Protect your elderly loved ones through conservatorships

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2016 | Conservatorship, Estate Administration |

It can be especially difficult to witness a loved one age and develop serious, devastating health disorders that affect his or her mental capacity. Although most people in California understand how important estate plans are, not everyone has the legal protections in place to avoid being taken advantage of. When dementia or other illnesses leave an elderly family member exposed and vulnerable, it is often up to loved ones to establish necessary conservatorships to keep that individual safe.

Health care powers of attorney and living wills are common features of solid estate plans, but there are some individuals who fail to include these documents or who skip creating an estate plan altogether. The lack of an advanced health care directive might be due in part to the common myth that estate plans only address what happens after a person passes away. However, without any of these important documents, elderly disabled individuals are often in vulnerable situations where they can easily be taken advantage of.

Conservatorships are an effective way to prevent unnecessary elder abuse. This course of action is often reserved for those who have lost a certain amount of mental capability to care for themselves. When necessary, becoming a conservator for a loved one can be the best decision when that person’s mental, physical and emotional health are at stake.

We understand the overwhelming emotional experience that can accompany becoming a conservator, which is one of the reasons we remain committed to our clients throughout the entire process. From first petitioning the court to the final appointment, we guide our California clients towards the most successful end possible. For more information regarding conservatorships and how they might be beneficial, please visit our website.