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Signs that a loved one should consider assisted living

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Trustees Executors & Fiduciaries |

There may come a time when a loved one, such as a parent, is no longer able to care for him- or herself. As disappointing as this may be, you need to do the right thing by helping this person make sound decisions regarding their future.

You may come to find that moving your loved one into an assisted living facility is the best thing you can do. Here are some of the signs that point toward this happening:

  • Accidents, such as falls around the home, that are becoming more frequent as the months go by
  • A slow recovery after an illness or injury
  • A health condition that continues to get worse
  • Difficulties managing day-to-day activities, such as cooking and bathing
  • Noticeable weight gain, meaning that your loved one may not be eating enough and/or caring for him- or herself in the appropriate manner
  • Changes in appearance (for the worse)
  • Signs of withdrawal, such as no longer wanting to spend any time with friends or family
  • Spending too many consecutive days at home, all without any desire to leave

These are not the only signs that your loved one may need to move to an assisted living facility. However, these are a few of the signs that often come to the forefront early on.

Even though you may struggle with your role in helping this person transition into an assisted living home, you don’t want to ignore the situation and hope for the best.

In addition to talking things over with your loved one, don’t hesitate to involve your family doctor. This person can provide additional information, including an inside look at the health benefits of moving to an assisted living facility.

You want what’s best for your loved one, and that may mean talking about the benefits of moving him or her to assisted living. Once you know how to approach the subject and what the move entails, you’ll feel more comfortable moving forward.