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How can you emotionally prepare for probate?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | Probate |

The probate of a loved one’s estate brings with it a long list of things to do, documents to file and assets to locate. All of this is on top of the reality of losing someone you love.

There is no question that this can be an overwhelming time for California families. So, how do you mentally and emotionally get yourself ready for the probate process?

Understand what to expect

As the personal representative or executor of the will, you may have some idea of the duties related to the role your loved one assigned you. It is best to make sure you know what to anticipate throughout the proceedings, including:

  • The timing: According to The Judicial Branch of California, probate can take roughly nine months to over a year. Most often it takes longer, depending on the complexity of the estate and whether or not real property is involved.
  • Your responsibilities: Even if you discussed these with your loved one when they created their estate plan, it is important to know what will be expected of you.
  • Your loved one’s plan: A detailed estate plan provides information as to who is to handle the probate and the distribution of assets before you even begin probate.

Knowing what the process will entail can help you mentally prepare yourself and mitigate any stress and overwhelm you feel.

Be proactive about your mental health

Probate can be intense, considering all of your duties and the deadlines by which you must complete them. In addition to preparing yourself with knowledge, you should also make sure you directly address your mental health. It can help to:

  • Not ignore grief: Simply because you are taking on an important role in the estate administration does not mean you have to push your feelings aside. Bottling up and ignoring emotions can often make things worse in the long run.
  • Avoid burnout: While you must fulfill your responsibilities, you must also make sure you take time for yourself to recharge and rest.
  • Have a foundation of support: Your family members and friends can be there for you to provide emotional support. It helps to speak with legal professionals who can offer knowledgeable support through the probate process from beginning to end.

Taking time to prepare yourself in all senses of the word can make a big difference in your approach to probate and even for your well-being. It is also important to remember, it is best not to manage the process alone.