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Experienced Elder Law Guidance

Elder law assistance is often needed during a time of hardship. It can put heavy stress on the shoulders of family members when a loved one can no longer care for themselves. You will need experienced assistance during this difficult process. Our attorneys have practiced elder law for decades and can answer your questions efficiently.

If your parent or close relative has fallen ill and unable to manage their own affairs, you will encounter a number of hurdles. You should determine their preferred treatment in advance and be prepared when asked to pay for their medical expenses. If you are the person who needs to consider how to handle their personal and financial affairs or is nominated to do so, you may need our help. Our professional elder law team can help.

Clear Guidance During A Difficult Time

During our initial consultation, we will ask you what existing estate planning documents your family member has in place. We will help you understand the various legal roles such as the principal, attorney-in-fact under a power of attorney (POA), health care agent, trustee or successor trustee. Estate planning documents should provide clear instruction for medical care and financial matters. We can help explain these documents and how you fit in the process.

If your loved one has become incapacitated without the necessary estate planning documents in place, we can assist you in bringing in a neutral professional to coordinate finances or care so the family can focus on being together during this transition. If necessary, we can also help you in establishing a conservatorship in the appropriate circumstances.

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