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Joanna Gaspar

Joanna Gaspar – Senior Probate Paralegal – Probates, Conservatorships, Guardianships

Ms. Gaspar (or Joanna) joined our team as an Administrative Assistant in 2016. Soon after she started working for the firm she showed a real interest and love for the various matters we handle in our firm. She learned quickly, handled the phone calls and was there to assist potential clients with their calls. Soon thereafter she started to work on files and assisted attorneys and other paralegals. The firm was hoping that Joanna would go further, and become “their” Probate Paralegal. And she did. There was no stopping her. Joanna showed much interest in various probate-related matters, such as conservatorships, spousal property petitions, affidavits, small estates, etc. – and was willing to learn when new matters came to light. Joanna earned her Associates Degree in Business Administration in 1988. A month after starting at the firm, she enrolled back in El Camino, working towards her degree in Paralegal Studies, while raising her children. She worked at the firm during the daytime and went to school at night. She worked during the daytime and attended El Camino College in 1988, while raising her children. It was a difficult time for her, but she had a goal in mind and went after it fiercely. She completed her Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies at El Camino College in 2018 and we were more than pleased to celebrate with her and have her join our dynamic team of Paralegals. Now, 6 years later, she handles most of the firm’s probate matters with the guidance of the firm’s attorneys, in particular, our Senior Probate Attorney, Lorenzo C. Stoller. Joanna is responsible and professional. Joanna is pleasant, works well with the Attorneys of the firm and with the entire staff. She attends many Probate Section events and makes sure to keep up to date and has formed professional relationships with the court staff, bonding persons and various real estate agents. Joanna spends her free time enjoying her family and friends.


Joanna Gaspar

Susan E. Hada – Senior Probate Paralegal (Probates, Conservatorships, Guardianships, Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Accountings)

Ms. Hada (or Susan) has worked for over 9 years as a Legal Secretary for Lee Harwell, Jr., a civil-immigration attorney and for Walter L. Hindenlang, a noted South Bay Probate attorney, prior to getting her Probate Paralegal Certificate. While under the guidance of Mr. Hindenlang, Susan acquired the skills to assist the attorney with Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Conservatorship and Probate matters. Her background in accounting and as a programmer analyst have provided her with additional skills to draft accounts and pleadings necessary to file with the Court. In her goal to assist all clients, Susan is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that she complete all tasks at hand. During her free time, other than enjoying time with her family, Susan and her husband are actively involved in a Kendo (Japanese fencing) club and they volunteer to assist with their church and with the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute, non-profit organization that promotes and conveys the Japanese culture experience.

Joanna Gaspar

Nikki Rodriguez – Paralegal (Limited Conservatorships and Conservatorships)

Ms. Rodriguez (Nikki) has numerous years working in the legal field most notably with a local family law attorney in Torrance. Nikki was very excited to join our firm in March 2021and has thoroughly enjoyed working with our staff and clients. She assists the attorneys with most of the firm’s Limited Conservatorship Petitions and is extremely helpful with handling most phone calls and appointments relating to same. Nikki is the perfect person to explain to parents of developmentally disabled adult or minor children soon reaching the age of majority, what facts are needed to prepare a Petition and the process in seeking a Limited Conservatorship for them. She has great familiarity with the legal process and the various individuals involved in such a petition, such as Court Appointed Counsel (representing and advocating for the Conservatee), the Probate Investigator, and the Regional Centers. She really enjoys this area of our office and is always patient with our clients, usually the parent, who has many questions and concerns regarding their appointment of conservator and what relationship the petitioner or proposed conservator had with the proposed conservatee’s family or friends. Nikki is also familiar with probate Guardianship appointments. In her free time, Nikki enjoys watching movies, getting creative in the kitchen, and spending time with her dog, family and friends.

Joanna Gaspar

Cindy Kelso – Senior Probate Paralegal (Probates, Conservatorships, Guardianships, Estate Planning, Accountings)

Ms. Kelso (or Cindy) has spent the majority of her career working for our firm, previously Conover & Grebe, LLP, and now, recently, came back to us to join us as a Probate Paralegal at The Probate House L.C., bringing a wealth of experience to the table. She works well with local clients as well as potential clients that contact us from other states and countries, seeking help in various estate matters, such as a probates, conservatorships, guardianships, and estate planning. She has extensive administrative experience which she acquired working at a jury consulting firm for several years as an executive assistant which suits her well and is a benefit to the firm. Cindy gets along well with clients, the attorney she works for, as well as her co-workers – she is a team player. She is kind and patient, which works well for all. She enjoys working on legal research and provides administrative support to our attorneys. Most importantly, she is proud of being able to make the probate process understandable to clients, as well as helping with conservatorship matters (with all their complicated issues). Her friendly approach makes the process, personal and legal, as smooth and stress free as possible, at every stage, thereby reducing client’s anxiety related to same. Cindy enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and with her dogs. She also enjoys reading and listening to podcasts. To our delight, she can be available for the firm on weekends when there are emergency matters to be dealt with.