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Your Advocate In Contested Matters

Our professional legal team has over three decades of legal experience successfully representing clients in contested conservatorship, probate and trust matters throughout Southern California. We have resolved a wide range of contested disputes, ranging from complaints about breach of fiduciary duty, improper financial accounting, self-dealing and conflicts of interest, removal of a fiduciary or contesting the appointment of a proposed fiduciary, and disagreements as to the validity of a will or trust document. At The Probate House L.C. it is our goal to provide a compassionate, yet firm approach to our contested matters, taking into consideration litigation prevention, dispute settlement, and, if necessary, litigation involving prosecution or defense of various issues to provide for our clients’ best interests.

Solving Contested Matters For Decades

Our experienced attorneys provide our clients with strategic and tactical legal counseling that takes advantage of our extensive knowledge of probate, trust, and conservatorship matters and nuances and technical rules and procedures set forth in the California Probate Code.

Issues surrounding probate, trust, and conservatorship matters can be highly emotional and stressful for those involved. If you are affected by a contested matter, then you may need the assistance of an experienced lawyer who can help you understand your legal rights in these circumstances. Our legal team works with clients to prevent, negotiate, settle and litigate probate, trust, and conservatorship disputes so they may avoid costly losses and judgments, and obtain the best possible outcome in the circumstances.

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Our attorneys are experienced advisers for resolving contested legal issues in probate, trusts and conservatorship matters. Contact our office in Torrance, California, today to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. You can reach us at 424-452-2375, or you may fill out our online contact form.