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3 reasons you don’t want to die intestate

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Estate Planning |

Dying intestate, or without a will, is a bad idea for many reasons. It’s important for people of all ages to create wills, even if they cover only the most basic things. Wills dictate what happens to your assets, and they can make it simpler for your beneficiaries and family members to handle your estate.

Dying intestate is not fair to your family. If that happens, you’ll leave them with no personal instructions. They’ll have to go through probate to work out who owns what or who has to take care of your estate’s liabilities. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t go without a will.

1. It delays the distribution of your assets

Dying intestate delays the distribution of your assets. Instead of having beneficiaries receive them quickly following your death, they instead have to go through the probate process. It’s long and costly, which is not something any family wants to deal with after a death.

2. You can’t decide who gets what

If you have an idea about who you want to leave certain assets to, don’t die without a will. Intestate succession laws dictate how your assets are split if you die without a will. They may or may not be in line with your intentions.

3. You have no say in guardianship

If you’re a parent without a will and don’t have a spouse, dying without a will means you get no say in who takes over the care of your child. Make the effort to write a will, even if it’s only to appoint a guardian in the event of your death.

These are a few reasons you don’t want to die without a will. Take the time to draft yours now, so that you’re protected.