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Stories and Thank You Notes From Our Clients

We are proud of the work we’ve done with our clients through the years. Here are just a few of the notes of appreciation we’ve received. Click on the greeting to view the original note.

Ms. Grebe and the entire team at The Probate House L.C. my eternal gratitude for the help you gave my family, from the beginning your kind treatment and highly qualified professional service made us feel comfortable, safe and above all happy to achieve the result we needed to help our beloved son, thank you for everything, God bless you and I personally highly recommend you.

Giovanna C.
February 2024

The Probate House has been a godsend to me. I was referred by my tax person and I feel extremely fortunate to have found this firm. Settling an estate is not easy, but when you have a very professional firm like The Probate House to represent you and guide you through all facets of the process, you can be sure that you’ll successfully complete the process

Cost is not the most important virtue when looking for a lawyer, but it is reassuring when the bottom line doesn’t disappoint.

Therefore I feel comfortable in highly recommending The Probate House to anyone needing quality representation to complete the probate process from start to finish.

Yelp Review – David F.
October 2023

On behalf of my family and myself, I want to say thank you to everyone at the Probate House for everything you’ve done to assist us with my father’s estate. Your professionalism and eagerness to eliminate any obstacles that stood in our way will not be forgotten. I am and will be forever grateful to you all. Thank you!

Sincerely Yours,
Edward Kellog
June 2023

I just finished with a Probate issue using Lorenzo Stoller as my attorney and he did a great job keeping me informed with all the Court requirements that came up during the process. I would highly recommend Lorenzo for any legal issue that would need a strong attorney who knew the ins and outs of the process. Since I live in Ohio it was great he took care of everything so I did not have to go back and forth to the LA area. His staff was great to work with especially Joanna Gaspar who kept me informed of all the little issues that would come up. Overall The Probate House L.C. was a great attorney’s office to work with.

Hank M

Dear Ms. S. Grebe:

I just wanted to express one more time how grateful I feel for having been referred to you. After a very sad experience with a previous attorney, any lawyer could have been better. But finding you was the luckiest thing to me.

I was in pain for the loss of my husband, and you helped me through all the legal process I had to face, and later you helped me with my Living Trust.

I am writing this note now because when I came to your office few days ago to modify my Living Trust and asked you for several points I was concerned of, I found out that you had already taken care of those things. Every subject I asked you, your response was: we did take care of that, let’s see page so and so.

Due to my grief I was not quite consciously aware of the things that were being done at that time. What a wonderful discovery. You had acted with absolute knowledge, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. You took care of every detail and at the same time you were so supportive and understanding of my emotional situation. The same goes for your personnel, all helpful and friendly.

With my sincerest gratitude

Dear Sibylle:

My sister, Beth and I would like to thank you for your help handling the estate of my late Uncle. You have made the process much easier for both my sister and I to work through.

I hope your office enjoys some of the organic apples we grow on our farm here in New York. I know it’s not much, but I hope you enjoy them.

Kind Regards

Dear Sibylle,

This is just a short note to thank you so much for your compassion, courtesy and thoroughness. I’m so very grateful for your guidance. Though challenging, the trust experiences were rewarding in many ways. Both Bob and I could not be more pleased to have chosen you as our attorney. It has been a pleasure to have worked with you.

Thanks again for your efforts on my behalf and family. And also my sincere thanks to your staff as well, especially Jennifer and Eric.

Most sincerely

Dear Sibylle,

Just a note to say thank you to you and your great staff for the great jobs you did. Not only that but your personal touch – we needed the support and confidence! Such trying times in our life made better by you and your team. Don’t ever want to lose touch with you as you were an integral part of our lives.


Dear Ms. Grebe,

It has been a pleasure having you take care and assist me regarding my estate planning matters. You service is complete and satisfactory and appreciated.

Thank you

Ms. Grebe

Our sincerest Thank You for your professional approach on each and every matter which came before you with our Aunt’s case. Your effort can never be replaced and it was a pleasure to have you champion on behalf of our aunt. Working as a team toward goals, not all were attained but you made the best of the worst.


Dear Ms. Grebe,

Thank you so much for taking time with me last week to meet and discuss my estate planning matters. You put me at ease, and I just enjoyed the time we spent talking together. I’m very much looking forward to working with you in the near future.


Dear Sibylle,

I am so glad to have met you and that you are my attorney. Your bio was so impressive! And your office so beautiful! Thank you for helping me with my mom!


Miss Grebe,

Thank you very much for all the help and work you put forth in helping me in my legal issues. Your extra effort and expertise not only impressed me but also my nieces and her husband.

Thank you again

Dear Sibylle,

I would like to acknowledge the earnest manner in which you and your team of professionals completed the representation of my late aunt Helen’s estate. Your proactive approach and expert execution of responsibilities resulted in the swift completion to this legal matter. In doing so you limited the burden that was felt by my mother and family in general. To that end I am and will be eternally grateful.



Thank you for sharing and making available all of your skills with our family. Congratulations and praise for your entire staff. They are friendly, eager to assist, filled with experience and professional! Our family is in the best hands!


To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this unsolicited letter is to acknowledge my deep gratitude for the outstanding professional legal services of Sibylle Grebe, who was appointed in court to handle the affairs of my father, at the behest of Adult Protective Services, beginning in December of 2006.

In spite of immediately discovering firsthand how difficult, or even abusive, my father could be to deal with, Sibylle set about with great determination to pursue his best interests, and to communicate effectively and sensitively with me, his estranged son.

My father was adamantly opposed to having anyone, including me, delving into his affairs. He was a tough former Marine, a recluse and an undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, so dealing with such an individual and his violent tendencies was difficult as best for anyone. Sibylle nonetheless made multiple visits to his home, in the interest of making a fair and constructive assessment of his personal and medical needs, as well as how best to deal with his assets and his estate.

When it became apparent that my father was not going to be able to remain in his home with a caregiver, she did everything in her power to undertake an accurate and appropriate evaluation of my potential to provide the kind of care that he so clearly needed. Throughout the necessary legal processes, even though I had also retained my own counsel, Ms. Grebe made sure that I was kept informed as to my father’s progress and how the legal system worked in these matters, while remaining completely true to her responsibilities in the case, as prescribed by the court.

At the direction of the court, she and I met together in the presence of my father so she could see our interaction. Having been made acutely aware of how difficult he was to deal with, Sibylle devoted the necessary time and effort to determine whether I was really up to the task ahead of me. In the end, with his best interest foremost in her mind, she ultimately agreed to my being named as his conservator. My challenge to the custody and court actions of the temporary conservator was successful.

For anyone who might consider retaining Ms. Grebe’s services, I can vouch enthusiastically for her professional abilities and her character. Sibylle takes her job seriously and maintains integrity and fairness in all she does, both for her firm and her clients. I would not hesitate to retain her again and trust her implicitly.