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Pet Trusts

The close bond that animal owners share with their pets can be life-changing, so it is only natural for pet owners to wish to include their pets in the estate planning process. At The Probate House L.C. we have the knowledge necessary to accomplish this. Our firm serves you, the pet owner, when seeking to create a trust for the care of your pet. When the lawyers at The Probate House L.C. talk with clients about pet trust matters, we explain various options and are flexible in finding the right solution for you and your pets.

We can talk with you about how a trust might provide for the care and support of your pet, including:

  • Housing
  • Kennel care
  • Food and nourishment
  • Medical care
  • End-of-life decisions

Each pet is unique and so are its guardians. Having a plan in place will ensure your pets’ needs are met and they are cared for in the manner that you specify. Pet trusts are designed to provide funds needed to pay for the care of a beloved pet during the incapacity or after the death of its owner (you the trustor) for the life of the pet.

The law around pet trusts is relatively new, and few lawyers are practicing in this emerging area of the law. At our California law firm, we stay current on pet trust topics and possess an up-to-date understanding of California pet trust laws.

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